Alan DeRossett: is an American Serial Entrepreneur Developer, Inventor,Engineer, Technologist and Strategic planner.Areas of experience Geology,Astronomy,Oceanography,Paleontology, Anthropology, Chemistry and Biology, Laser Physics, Electrical Engineering,Robotics, Computer Sciences,Audio-Video Engineering, Material Sciences,BIO & Nano informatics

Most recently has been working with OpenCV and Tensorflow for bio Medical Image recognition from a hand held device.

Voxearch -Qualcomm Tricorder Xprize contestent

BoXX Health -120 year EHR+

101 incubator founder -Level one 3d printing, HoverDrone, SpaceRobotics, Nanoinformatics,Biotech

Digital Starlight: -21 years ISP/Web Hosting and App development

Instapayment: fintech Point of Sale, National Retail Federation comparative shopping search engine Smart Card Debit server and ATM network

received one of the few Issuers Identification Numbers for issuing international Debit Cards from the UN ISO.

Member of the Canadian Internet Registry association

Member of SPIE attended the 1986 MIT SPIE symposium on Autonomous Mars Rover concepts.

Autonomous Car programing

Predictive Asset Tracking

Deep Learning, NLP,AI

Audio/Video Engineering

Computing in Harsh environments

Fog Network design

DTN Network Design