With my Company i’ve been involved in all things internet and computing since 1994. Currently I’m still running a Domain name registration and hosting business. These days i also offer Digital Plumbing Services specialized M2M and IIOT or intranet of things. Securing our devices in Neighborhood Fog networks and AI Edge computing for robotics and all things data big or small. Domain registration and web hosting

Smart Homes IOT

I Have been working with lifecyclevnv on several new AI systems for monitoring of complex systems.
“Model Free Deep Learning With Deferred Rewards For Maintenance Of Complex Systems”
Alan DeRossett1, Dr. Pedro V Marcal model_Free_DeRossett.pdf

Currently working on Hago Energetics NRG Carbon Xprize $20 million competition see

EcoDashboard Android app dev

For a larger list of companies I help mentor see the current startups on the 101 Incubator.
The 101 Incubator