Buy Facebook Stock to allow you to vote

Currently Facebook has at least one very Alt Right Type of Trump Supporter on its Board of Directors, Who helped Trump win in 2016. If all 65 million Hillary Voters had bought 100 Shares of Facebook back when it was cheap 5 years ago this would be a very different World today. Trump is Delaying our Sustainable Future and creating artificial Scarcity so he can control us and profit off of us.

We all only can vote on Facebooks Business issues (like choice of its Board Members) if we own Stock in Facebook. So Im asking all 65 million Plus Hillary Voters to Buy Facebook Stock and help Vote for a Better World and Suistainable Future .

#Suistianable #Future #BUY #FACEBOOK #STOCK

If anyone needs a free method of buying Stock this will only work from smart phones. but its free and they give you some small stock. Facebook Share is not free costs of FB: $174.93 today. You get to buy one share only if you want but can vote on Facebook business once per share if we can g

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