Micro Lattice

Here’s a new MicroLattice example printed from this Algorithm that can rapidly fill space in 3d Cad drawings before 3D printing it works with metals or Ceramics as well and can increases the Strength 10 fold while reducing the cost,and weight of your parts. This has great potential in Transportation and we’ve already used it in several test replacement parts for drones and robotics. No need to redraw each objet with Lifecycles new AI software it will assist the designer in calculating the strewth and possible future failures.

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Current Work

Currently working on the AI part of our Advanced “Camufacturing” software needed for BoXX Health’s┬ámodular medical “Tricorder” type of tablet┬ádevice.



New paper will be on Continuous Computing of Streamed Data and advanced use of AI to predict “Camufacturing” line outputs.

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